There are a multitude of benefits companies gain in the process of outsourcing their logistics needs to a value-adding company such as ourselves, a few of which are explained below.

Cost Savings Though Time And Money

Outsourcing logistics can save a wealth of time and money for your company.

Prime Space can immediately eliminate the need to invest inĀ  warehouse space, technology, transportation capex, and staff to execute the entire process.

Making use of our services will reduce the burden of costly mistakes and allow your business access to a global logistical network with a sustainably lower risk, and higher return.

Eliminating the need to train and audit billings and paperwork, we boast the contacts and expertise to remedy almost any dire situation, that otherwise could have severe financial consequences.

Knowledge and Expertise

We provide a best of breed service that ensures industry best practices.

Prime Space provide each client with pro-active visibility of the entire process through monitoring resulting in little or no contribution of time from our clients.

This allows you to and your staff to focus on your core competencies, having peace of mind in the knowledge that your logistics needs are being handled by reliable, seasoned professionals who understand that your success is significantly important in driving ours.

Access and Optimization

Having access to all Global Courier agents who in turn have vast, expertly audited networks, we provide a great deal of advantages over single solutions.

Each step in the logistics process is executed in a manner that results in lower overheads and optimizes the most effective service possible, to all who access our services.


To remain a leading service provider offering each of our clients a unique experience.

Ensuring that we continue, through our knowledge, expertise and continuous training of our staff, to provide service, that delivers results and adds real value.